What would impact my business
the most this year?


If everyone supported our change initiatives with enthusiasm.


If our franchise team worked together better.


If we created a culture of positivity.


If we became a team of  great, inspiring leaders.


If we improved business results through better management.


Seeking Excellence

The never-ending journey. Everyday competition and a changing consumer environment makes it harder for companies to succeed. The ones that do succeed are relentless in their pursuit of excellence and know the pursuit is a never-ending journey. Business owners need to get better to stay ahead of the pack. In this keynote address, Evan motivates the audience to the excitement of the future and the keys to creating a culture that is committed to seeking excellence and an unwillingness to sit back and let the world pass them by.

Better Together

This compelling keynote increases the success of everyone in the room and opens a new path for the organizations they serve. Thanks to an exciting, interactive game and other experiences, audiences develop a powerful vision of what can happen when everyone in an organization works together. A perfect keynote that energizes both attendees and their organizations to achieve new levels of success.


Attitude is Everything

This transforming keynote lets audiences experience the force that attitude plays in achieving extraordinary results. The session is inspirational. Its centerpiece is an unforgettable demonstration in which attendees participate and experience first-hand the power of positive thinking. The result? A revolutionary experience, both for participants and for the organizations they serve.

Ingaging Leadership

Ingaging Leadership is all about involvement. In this keynote, Evan Hackel, the creator of the Ingaged Leadership concept and brand, reveals the steps to becoming the kind of Ingaged leader who transforms companies, inspires others to perform at higher levels, and creates a positive working environment – all through the power of a shared vision. Audiences discover practical tools for reaching new levels of personal and organizational success.


Attracting and Retaining Great Talent

In today's competitive environment, attracting and retaining high-caliber employees is critical for success. Culture is the key to unlocking the mystery of how to be effective in bringing great talent and retaining them in your business. Without a strong culture, you're going to be facing high turnover rates and ever-increasing pressures to increase compensation. With the right culture, employees will want to work in your business, and you will improve the retention and effectiveness of your team.

Why is Evan

the perfect fit?

A seasoned company leader and consultant to some of the largest business organizations in North America, Evan Hackel inspires companies to build cultures of partnership, common purpose, and commitment to success. As a master trainer and speaker, Evan incorporates exercises, experiences, and experiments into his presentations that attendees have called "electrifying" and "transforming."

What clients say after
working with Evan...


Start Ingaging Your

Team Immediately

In Ingaging Leadership, business leader Evan Hackel lays out the positive philosophy of "Ingagement" that he has created and used to help hundreds of organizations achieve excellence and organizational success.

"A great read for anyone who wants to improve engagement at every and every level of their organization. The actionable steps are an added bonus."

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